What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of alternative medicine which works with the body’s innate ability to heal itself using biochemical, structural and mental/emotional therapies to bring balance and health back to the body. Naturopaths are trained to recognise the uniqueness of every person and their individual predispositions to disease. They therefore fully understand which therapies will support a client and which therapies would be suppressive for certain individuals.

Naturopaths have many years of training in the underlying philosophy that underpins this discipline. This philosophy is an amalgamation of Eastern medical disciplines, herbal lore and homeopathy and recognises each person as an individual. When working with a client they incorporate an understanding of Herings Law of Cure, seasonal and lunar rhythms, resonance of diseases, the importance of the balance of the inner terrain, Miasms, various constitutions, toxic accumulation and ability to detoxify, suppressive events, electrolyte imbalances and the effects of stress on the acid/ alkaline balance of the body. They are therefore trained to look at the visible and also invisible aspects of their client. No other discipline looks at heath and disease with such depth and understanding.

Furthermore, their training allows them to assess a client’s vital force, their constitution, their pre-dispositions and to understand the root of their symptoms. In addition, they are also taught the progression of disease in the body and are therefore fully aware of how each individual will react to the stresses of life or indiscretions within their diet or lifestyle. A naturopath is trained to recognise which therapies are needed for their clients at each step of the journey back to full health.

There are six rules which naturopaths abide by:

First, do no harm

The length of training that Naturopaths undertake allows them to accurately assess the vitality of each client, their detoxification capacity, the cause of their symptoms and their constitution. It also allows them to understand the weaknesses of the person, and their likely detoxification reactions and the progression of symptoms if not corrected. This information allows them to tailor a complete programme which will allow the healing power of nature to assist with a return to health.

Viz Medicatrix Naturae ‘The Healing Power of Nature’

Naturopaths have a Wholistic approach. They address the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Naturopaths understand that the body has an innate ability and wisdom to be able to heal itself, given the right circumstances, unless the life force has been weakened to such an extent that only maintenance of a health issue is appropriate. They are trained to recognise the vitality of an individual and how to access this vitality as part of the healing process. All registered naturopaths are trained to recognise how the various systems of the body interact and support one another. If one system is weak or compromised then this will impact other systems in the body. Naturopaths are trained in a variety of disciplines and will always address structure, biochemistry and mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each person that they work with.  They are fully aware that it is the individual healing ability of their client, and not the supplements, herbs or body treatment given, that makes the difference in return to health.

Docere: doctor as teacher.

The origin of the word ‘doctor’ is ‘teacher’ and this is an important part of a naturopathic consultation. Naturopaths are trained to understand the effects of seasonal and lunar changes and the impact these have upon vitality, health and disease symptoms. Naturopaths also teach their clients how to understand their own individual disease progress, their pre-dispositions, what their constitution is, and therefore their individual strengths and weaknesses, and offer a diet and lifestyle to their client that is designed to help them return to health.

Identify the cause, not the symptom

Naturopaths are trained to take into account pre-dispositions, inherited factors, nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, structural problems and, most importantly, how mental, emotional and spiritual factors affect health. A programme will always take all of these considerations into account.

Treat the whole person

Naturopaths always work with a wholistic approach and aim to balance the whole body, mind and spirit via the various disciplines that they practice. These disciplines will always include a form of bodywork, psychosocial/counselling skills and nutrition. Guiding each and every one of their decisions is the underlying naturopathic philosophy which gives them an in-depth understanding of each and every person that they see.

Prevention is preferable to cure

Naturopaths continue to teach their clients about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle which allows the vital energy to remain strong and for the healing power of nature to assist the body with its natural seasonal detoxifications.