Who can join?

Naturopaths were on a par with doctors at the beginning of the 20th century and are finally rising in popularity again due to more people being aware that they need to take personal responsibility for their health.

The prestigious award of Registered Naturopath and the letters ND (Naturopathic Diploma) signify someone who has had years of training and experience in understanding health and disease and how it relates to each individual in a unique way.

There is now a big shift in consciousness with research into many diverse areas, including the importance of the microbiome. People are beginning to recognise that they need to be responsible for their own health. They therefore need individual guidance for this because we are all unique and ‘one diet’ does not fit all. Join a growing band of registered naturopaths which will have a voice in the future of health in the UK. 

Associate Naturopath Membership

Membership as an Associate Naturopath is open to those who can evidence an award in a naturopathic discipline and practise naturopathically. Those continuing training from a naturopathic discipline award to a Naturopath award should apply for membership as an Associate Naturopath

The main Associate Naturopath disciplines are:








Unani Medicine

Check the Approved Education Providers page to see if your award is approved for admission

Registered Naturopath Membership

Membership as a Registered Naturopath is open to those who have attained an award in Naturopathy from an SoN approved education provider or who have satisfied the Society that their training and practical skills meet the required standard. Registered Naturopaths are entitled to use the designated letters SN after their name.

Registered Naturopaths granted admission to the SoN are seen to meet the educational requirements of a Naturopathy Diploma and are thus entitled to use the letters ND.

Check the Approved Education Providers page to see if your award is approved for admission

Student Naturopath Membership

Student Membership is open to those currently studying an award in Naturopathy or an associated naturopathic discipline. The SoN are able to support students on all types of naturopathic courses and in almost all parts of the world.

Upon qualification students may apply to join the Society as an Associate or Registered Naturopath dependant on their award.

Apply for admission as a Student Member