Membership Options

Registered Naturopath

Membership as a Registered Naturopath is open to those who have attained an award in Naturopathy from an approved education provider or who have satisfied the Society that their training and practical skills meet the required standard. Registered Naturopaths are entitled to use the designated letters ND after their name.

Associate Naturopath

Membership as an Associate Naturopath is open to those who can evidence an award in a naturopathic discipline and practise naturopathically. Those continuing training from a naturopathic discipline award to a Naturopath award should apply for membership as an Associate Naturopath

Student Naturopath

Student Membership is open to those currently studying an award in Naturopathy or an associated naturopathic discipline. Upon qualification students may apply to join the Society as an Associate or Registered Naturopath dependant on the award.