Becoming a Naturopath

In common with many forms of healthcare Naturopathy is often a calling as well as a career choice.

You may be choosing to upgrade your knowledge after practicing an Associate Naturopath discipline or embarking on a course to take from scratch to a Registered Naturopath and the prestigious ND.

For either route the training itself requires a considerable commitment on your part. This is not only in time and effort, but in a willingness to embrace the naturopathic approach to looking at health and disease. As with any course at this level you will need to be willing to challenge yourself and to grow through self-reflection.

Most courses are part-time; distance, blended, and on-line learning options are common, and it is important to find a course which integrates with your lifestyle and commitments.

Naturopathy is a fascinating subject. SoN accredited or approved courses ensure that you have a professional training covering everything you need to be successful but it is vital that the course to which you commit is a good fit with your own ethos and learning style.

All the courses on our approved or accredited list will provide professional awards appropriate to SoN membership, insurance and professional practice. To find which is best suited to you as an individual we suggest you visit the education provider website and access all information available.

Course providers will always be happy to speak with you, answer questions, provide guidance, and (if appropriate) arrange visits. 

If you have questions or to check the status of awards please contact call us 0207 175 0255 or start a chat with one of our team using the Online Support button at the bottom of this page.