Our Team


Dr Rajendra Sharma MB BCh BAO LRCP&S (Ire) MFHom

Dr Rajendra Sharma is a fully qualified, GMC registered doctor and a Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

He is a former holder of the posts of Secretary and Education Facilitator of the largest group of doctors and scientists involved in environmental medicine, The British Society for Ecological Medicine, and the author of The Family Encyclopedia of Health.  

Dr Sharma brings 35 years of experience in working with practitioners from many disciplines on identifying underlying causes of illness and providing treatment using Conventional, Functional and Complementary medical therapies.

Practitioner Representative

Fiona Campbell

Fiona’s passion for health and healing began with her own health challenges as a child and the desire to find natural solutions to the various ailments that she was dealing with. Her journey to learn more led her to encounter the work of respected naturopath Barbara Wren and her College of Natural Nutrition, where she studied and learned about the art of Natural Nutrition. Fiona bases her approach to health on these teachings and the principle that to bring our bodies back to wellness we need to be patient and caring in what we ask it to do. It takes energy to heal – but if we can help the body to access this energy by choosing less challenging and more supportive foods, incorporating gentle yet powerful naturopathic techniques and addressing lifestyle choices, we can lead it back to a state of greater freedom and movement on every level.

Education Lead

Mary Sharma ND, DN Med, mBANT, CNHC registered, Dip Homotox (Hons), DIridol, MGNI, NNA  

Mary has been practicing naturopathically since 1994. She uses a unique blend of Eastern and Western approaches when working with clients and, although she is trained in many disciplines, always works from a strong naturopathic foundation that believes that the body has an innate wisdom to return to health, given the right circumstances. As a naturopath she understands that ‘more is not better’ and takes into consideration the individual vitality of each of her clients when preparing naturopathic programmes for them. She is passionate about preserving and teaching a truly naturopathic approach to health and disease and has written 3 courses in Naturopathic Nutrition, Naturopathy and Eastern nutrition.

Mary Sharma and Rajendra Sharma are not related

Regulation Lead

Martin McClinton

Originally trained in law, Martin began his career with Mills and Russel where he rapidly acquired a reputation for detailed case preparation in the area of health and human rights.  In 1995 Martin moved to a major awarding body as part of a regulatory oversight team for new awards and seven years later into private consultancy. Martin has worked with national and international companies, organisations, NHS trusts and governments, on regulatory structures for the education and the provision of healthcare. Martin holds positions on a number of Trusts and non-profit bodies in the UK, the USA, and South Africa.

Audit and Assurance Lead

Binita Singh

Binita Singh trained as an Accountant before joining HSBC Holdings Group Internal Audit Team in 2009.  Having gained experience in the UK, Hong Kong and India Binita took a four-year career break after the birth of her son in 2013 before joined PwC to work in assurance and financial audits.

Raised as a vegan and with a passionate belief in naturopathy Binita is committed to the placement of strong argument for the inclusion of naturopathy in a national healthcare plan.      

Communication Lead

Colette Johnson

Collette holds an MSc degree in media planning and worked for the international renown RT Group from 2009 until starting her family in 2016.  Having worked with clients as diverse as Virgin Media, Bacardi and Samsung, Collette brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in overseeing strategies, execution, and media spend.

Lay Representative

Mark O’Connor

In 2017 after 23 years in the industry Mark retired as head of Technical Product Analysis for a major international food company. Traveling on business in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East had brought him into contact with some diverse approaches to healthcare. It was after a personal experience with a severe reaction to a prescribed drug that he became interested in patient rights and options available to patients who want to use more natural forms of healthcare.

Mark lives in Sussex with his wife Marie and sits on the Patient Representative Panel at his local hospital. He also serves as a Volunteer Appropriate Adult for his local Youth Justice Service.