Approved Education Providers

Training to be Registered Naturopath for those not holding an associate discipline award starts with finding a training provider offering an SoN approved award. Below are listed education providers offering awards approved for application to SoN.

Accredited Awards – Some awards have been subject to an extended inspection and examination process leading to SoN Accreditation. Holders of SoN Accredited awards are automatically admissible to membership.

Registered Naturopath

 SoN ApprovedSoN Accredited
British College of Nutritional MedicineApproved
College of Dietary HealingApproved
College of Dietary TherapyApproved
College Natural NutritionApproved
College Naturopathic NutritionApproved
Plaskett College of Nutritional MedicineApproved
School of HealthApprovedAccredited
School of Naturopathic NutritionApprovedAccredited
Warnborough College IrelandApproved

Associate Naturopath

Obtaining an award in an affiliated discipline will provide and entry route to practice as an Associate Naturopath.  The following education providers offer awards approved for by SoN for admission as Associate Naturopaths

 SoN ApprovedSoN Accredited
The Acupuncture AcademyApproved
College of Integrated Chinese MedicineApproved
International College of Oriental MedicineApproved
Lincoln CollegeApproved
Northern College of AcupunctureApproved
University of WestminsterApproved
Ayurveda PuraApproved
Ayurvedic Institute UKApproved
College of AyurvedaApproved
Allen College of HomœopathyApproved
Centre for Homeopathic EducationApproved
Contemporary College of HomeopathyApproved
Homeopathic College of East AngliaApproved
North West College of HomeopathyApproved
Salisbury Homeopathy CollegeApproved
The School of HomeopathyApproved
South Downs School of HomeopathyApproved
Welsh School of HomeopathyApproved
Kinesiology Association (ASK)Approved
Classical School of KinesiologyApproved
College of Naturopathic MedicineApproved
CUTAM Nutritional TherapistApproved
Nutritional Healing FoundationApproved
Plaskett International CollegeApproved
School of HealthApproved
British College of Osteopathic MedicineApproved
Aberdeen School of ShiatsuApproved
The Bath School of Shiatsu & YogaApproved
Bristol School of ShiatsuApproved
The European Shiatsu School (Brighton)Approved
Glasgow School of ShiatsuApproved
Ki Kai SchoolApproved
London College of ShiatsuApproved
Northern School of ShiatsuApproved
The School of Five Element ShiatsuApproved
Shiatsu College, LondonApproved
Shiatsu College, ManchesterApproved
Shiatsu College, NorwichApproved
Shiatsu College, BrightonApproved
Shiatsu College, HastingsApproved
Shiatsu School, EdinburghApproved
Unani Medicine
CUTAM: Unani MedicineApproved